What We Do

Health and Wellness Solutions

We provide cutting edge solutions in the health and wellness arena.


We offer a broad range of security solutions for defense, government, and enterprises.


We offer consultation services using our expertise to help you find the best solution, uniquely tailored to your organisation.


We offer around the clock onsite and remote training, support and integration services.

Health and Wellness Solutions

  1. AIR CARE O₂™

    AIR CARE O₂™ provides continuous air purification through an easy-to-use device that fits into air conditioner systems. Our air quality technology takes an active approach to air purification, activating natural molecules in a room to cleanse the air. AIR CARE O₂™ is a patented technology that provides unparalleled protection - Which eliminates up to 99.999% of viruses, bacteria and mould found indoors.

  2. CELPH

    A solution encompassing a platform, and a mobile app to record vital signs measurements enabled for multiple market verticals enabling registration of vitals measurements and applying ai to raise alerts.

  3. COVID-19 Rapid Testing - Breath Of Health

    30 second Breathalyser Testing for COVID-19. Total process takes under a minute. 98% Efficacy. Detects all variants. Suitable for schools, large events, workplaces.

  1. Counter-Drone Systems

    Counter-Drones prohibit unauthorised drones entering protected sites by deploying either a radar or radio frequency jammer. Alerts can be delivered to security forces, triggering an alarm.

  2. Encrypted Cellular Communication

    A secure mobile solution to keep your communication privacy from being monitored by network providers and by advanced system interceptors.

  3. Interception Technology

    We offer a variety of stand alone solutions, which can intercept web and cellular communication. All-in-one solutions utilising a GUI is also available.

  4. Location Platform

    Intelligence platforms enhancing law enforcement agencies capabilities.

    *For Government use only / Signed End User Certificate Required

  5. Multi-Signal Jammer Systems

    We offer radio frequency jamming systems that are designed to prevent radio-based communication devices from successfully operating.

  6. Thermal Cameras

    Thermal cameras provide ultimate protection day or night. These security solutions provide uninterrupted 24/7 surveillance in clear, high contrast video even in extreme weather conditions, so you can protect your most valuable assets and respond to an intrusion promptly.

About Us

GT Group is an Australian owned company with headquarters located in Melbourne, Australia. The group now provides products and services in over 19 countries since its establishment in 2016.

The group provides holistic health and security solutions for governments, hospitals, educational facilities, and private enterprises using cutting edge technologies. The dynamic leadership team is responsible for investigating and sourcing the best technology suitable for each specific need.

We focus on building and expanding strategic business relationships with technology leaders nationally and internationally. Our portfolio comprises of solutions that pass rigorous testing and are quality assured.

We pride ourselves in providing state-of-the-art solutions to our partners, creating opportunities and supporting initiatives around the world. We recognise the talent, commitment, and hard work of many visionary individuals who work tirelessly to develop technologies that improve our quality of life and protect our health, wellbeing, and security concerns.

Our mission is to provide exceptional and innovative solutions to health and security challenges across the globe